Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blogging Experience..

Over the past five weeks I have learned about many different types of blogs. I had no idea what the blogging world had to offer coming in to this project. I definitely learned a lot about how much the internet has to offer. I knew the internet had almost no limitations but blogging brings a whole new element. I feel blogs are so unique in the fact that they are for the most part personal. This project affected me in that I now know blogs may be an interesting tool to utilize in many different ways. They can be used to research something but they can also be used as the most personal tool as well. There are no restrictions in the blogging world and I think that is what I like most. I strongly believe that this project was worthwhile for me personally. Like I said before I had no idea what the blogging world was and I now know it can be a fun tool to utilize. In looking back on my entire blog I feel pretty confident in my original thesis statement. I do feel blogging has significantly changed the print world. The internet is used for so many things and it is such a popular tool that anything that can be done with technology is great to utilize.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vanity and Information Blogs!!!

-As I expected it was very easy to find both an Information and vanity blog. The vanity blog I found was on this website It was basically a diary for this certain individual. He was speeking about different situations going on in his life. From his day-to-day routine to his goals it was all on there. The information blog I found was on this website This blog was an individual also, commenting on different topics going on in the technology world. From ecommerece, to computer software it was all there.
-I was suprised to find how similar these two blogs were. Both blogs were created, in my opinion, to give information. Which in the research I have done so far I feel all blogs are created to give information. The vanity blog was created to give information about the individual who created it. It was a simple documentation of what was going on step-by-step in that individual's life. The Information blog was also created to give information. It gave information about certain technology topics. However, I felt both blogs had a huge bias. Of course, in the vanity blog its very personal and is gonna have bias. In the Information blog there was also a bias from the creater. Their opinion was clearly stated (to me) in the information they were giving.
-In my reasearch of these two types of blogs I feel information blogs are the only type of these two that I would consider relevant. Vanity blogs are diaries for anyone to look at. I don't feel that vanity blogs could really benefit anyone besides the creator. I feel that the information blogs may be a good resource in the setting. The information blog I researched had good information but also had a clear bias. I feel a good information blog would be strictly informative its right there in the name.
-I feel the research material I found somewhat did not support my original thesis statement. I still believe blogs can be very useful in the right circumstance.

Vanity and Information Blogs!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

E-Zines or Current Event and News Blogs

I found an e-zine and a news and current events blog. The e-zine that I found was the Time Magazine at The news and current event blog that I found was at Obviously the Time Magazine website was very efficient and professional. The news and current events blog was a little hard to understand and also a little all over the place. The Time Magazine website was very easy to find on the internet. It was also a very easy website to navigate. It was definately easier to use than the blog site. I found there was a difference in what events were covered on each website. I found it interesting that the site seemed to not cover any relevant stories. I felt very confident in navigating through the Time website. I knew the information I was reading was very credible. The blog site on the other hand was a little all over the place and hard to understand as I said before. I feel that a printed magazine or newspaper would be more credible than the blog that I found. I would be just as confident in a printed magazine or newspaper as the Time Magazine website. I feel the research I did neither supported or unsupported my thesis in the original post on my blog. I feel the smae way about blogging as I did at the beginning of this project.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Advertising Through Blogging is a perfect example of advertising through blogging. On October 4th the most recent post was for was trying to sell itself saying that they help companies utilize special fonts on their advertising blogs for cheap. discusses how business promotion through blogs can be a great tool to utilize. It discusses that blogs can target specific consumers and that they can get consumers opinions. features an article about how if an advertising blog is not utilized correctly it can be detrimental for a company. They used an example of a food company that did a character blog and it bombed so the result was that the only exposure that company got was about its horrible blog. Some other ways an entrepeneur may advertise is television, newspapers, magazines, etc. I think blogging as a form of advertising could be successful because you may be able to target your specific consumer better. It also may be a cheaper form of advertising. I believe if utilized correctly blogs can be an effective alternative form of advertising. This research on blogging somewhat supported my thesis which would be a 4 on our rating chart.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Blog Entry Media and Society

My name is Ryan McCarney and I am currently in my second year at College of the Canyons. I play baseball for the cougars and am looking forward to the next couple of years in college. I do not happen to know much about blogging. According to, blog is a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. I am looking forward to learning the entire blog process over the next several weeks. On on a part of the website called Media Shift, Howard Kurtz, the dean of the media critics for the Washington Post, says that blogs are so effective because bloggers have a voice and emotions and are speaking directly to you. The simplest definition of a blog that I could find was on this site in the tour that simply says a blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world. Most importantly it says that your blog is whatever you want it to be. Now to address the three questions put forth to us... These answers for me will obviously be with not much experience in the field and only reading very little in to the blogging community. However, I am interested to see if my views on blogging change throughout the semester. I feel blogging can be a credible source of information. It obviously depends on the credibility of the source and what bias and how strong the bias is. I feel blogging can be very effective. As Kurtz said above it is more personable. I feel if utilized correctly blogging can help journalism. Journalists can use blogging to get what they are trying to get out to who they are trying to get that information to. I do believe that blogging has significantly impacted the print journalism industry. I feel that this is the technology era and so any way the internet can be used to do the same thing as a book or newspaper will significantly change the way printed material is utilized. As I said before I look forward to experiencing blogging for the first time.