Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blogging Experience..

Over the past five weeks I have learned about many different types of blogs. I had no idea what the blogging world had to offer coming in to this project. I definitely learned a lot about how much the internet has to offer. I knew the internet had almost no limitations but blogging brings a whole new element. I feel blogs are so unique in the fact that they are for the most part personal. This project affected me in that I now know blogs may be an interesting tool to utilize in many different ways. They can be used to research something but they can also be used as the most personal tool as well. There are no restrictions in the blogging world and I think that is what I like most. I strongly believe that this project was worthwhile for me personally. Like I said before I had no idea what the blogging world was and I now know it can be a fun tool to utilize. In looking back on my entire blog I feel pretty confident in my original thesis statement. I do feel blogging has significantly changed the print world. The internet is used for so many things and it is such a popular tool that anything that can be done with technology is great to utilize.

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